Social architecture —  ‘Giving back’ Philosophy  

Salt and Light’s philosophy is one of ‘Spatial and ‘Social’ Architecture — it’s not just about architecture as a spatial concept, but also a social one: how we relate to the society around us, and find ways to build people and communities by giving a hand ‘up’. We believe that our creative wealth of ideas, fresh thinking and holistic ways of integrating design at all levels has the ability to cross industry platforms to create solutions that can impact and transform society.

Through volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and various organisations, Tanya learnt the importance of being involved in community development and the creation of safer spaces, where dignity and belonging can be restored to all. Tanya did her 6th year Architectural honour’s project on ‘Crime prevention through environmental design’, where a simple act of bringing light to a dark place, can have a radical impact.

Every year Salt and Light design finds ways to assist community based projects through reallocation of pre-used building resources, or recycling of materials and goods, or design consulting to help an organization with their specific design needs. Thus far, we have assisted orphanages, churches and NGO’s with various projects, as well as being strategically involved with an organization that seeks to change the face of homelessness. 

Through the creation of safer spaces, dignity and belonging can be restored to all. Light creates safer spaces.
— Tanya De Waal