Why should I use Salt + Light?

We offer a personalised and integrated design solution that you won’t easily find elsewhere. The relationship between client and designer is one where “the shoe must fit” as it’s vital to feel a resonance between your desired style and what we offer.  


What’s S+L design style and values?

We design beautiful spaces and pieces that are timeless, contemporary clean lines, with classic proportions and attention to detail. We value personalised empathic design, creative innovative solutions, quality and long lasting value.


At what stage of the project should I call S+L in?

While a good designer can help you at any stage of the design, it is most advantageous for you to use an interior designer right from the onset, as this will prevent costly mistakes later on. We can conceptualize a clear vision for the overall architectural design aesthetic to suit your lifestyle, and work in conjunction with an architect to integrate all the interior elements down to the fine details ( see design services ). The interior decoration process should start a minimum of 6 months prior to moving in.


Do you draft council and construction drawings?

Depending on your project requirements, we would work in collaboration with a project architect or draftsperson to integrate the interior details into the overall design and construction drawings. 


What about dogs and cats and kids?

Making a home is an important investment into your / your family’s lives. Real life is never a magazine spread of orderly perfection, but often messy and that’s part of what makes it real and beautiful. We design your space to suit who you are, in a functional way that will last ( unless your cat has claws like mine, in which case your couch has no hope! ) 


I can’t afford an Interior designer — I can do it myself... 

Google can only do so much, and although many people have an eye for design, not everyone is a professional. The knowledge and experience of a professional designer is invaluable, and can save money and time. Honesty and integrity is an important part of this process, where you need to trust us as the professionals to make the best design decisions on your behalf. 


How do you charge?

As each client and project is unique, each design package is structured according to a customers needs and brief, and can be a single service or a combination of services.

Fees are charged as a percentage of the project value or an hourly consultation rate. Interior architecture fee percentages are in line with the recommended SACAP tariffs. All travel and disbursements are additional. Please contact us directly for further information.