is a luminary and qualified architect with a love for interior design and the phenomenology of space. 

Her architectural thesis ‘How your childhood experience of home effects your adult perception of space’ won the best UCT dissertation award in 2001, and continues to influence her understanding of the importance of ‘home’ and the unique emotional relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit.

I grew up in an old home — that was always ‘under renovation’. Bricks, mortar and Saturday visits to the hardware store were a very familiar thing. My dad published magazines on homes and gardens and was always designing a new house on a serviette during lunch. My mom was the maker and creative visionary, and was never afraid to get her hands dirty with the builders sand, or on a large canvas of colour. Together we made ‘home’.
— Tanya de waal


has over 50 years experience in making home. She is an artist at heart, has a keen eye for colour, lovely proportions and selection of fine furnishes and fabrics.


It’s still a ‘family thing’ and together we create your space.



In order to design, build and decorate spaces of high quality, Salt and Light design partners and collaborates with architects, suppliers and service providers who are best suited to the project — those who share the same values of integrity, excellence, well crafted detail and value for money.