Client feedback is so important to us, firstly to know if we’ve achieved what you required, but also to find ways of bettering our service to you.



“…what you have achieved there Tanya is unbelievable.

I knew the apartments were going to be super but never, never, did I expect them to be quite so magnificent. When we started the tour in 20a and then 155, I actually had to really take my time and move around slowly to really appreciate all the enormous effort to detail in all the work you have put in on those three apartments.

What really is also so special is that, even though they are brand new, they have an incredible feel about them and there is a very special warmth about them.”




After revealing the house to the family —

“I am still working on the words to express how we adore the house. I for now, will stick with my 8yr old daughters response and say that it is like living on a wishing star. It truly is. It is profoundly powerful. Exquisite to the point that is makes my teeth hurt as through I’ve eaten too many sweets and my cheeks hurt from smiling. And it took nearly 24hrs to love from awestruck silence to processing!”

“ The detail and the personal touches are incredible” — close friend of the adventurer

3 years later… I had cup of tea with my client the other day — I wanted to hear how their family was, but also to know how they were enjoying their home.

With tears in her eyes, she said “You brought out such personal and hidden aspects of who we each are and integrated these into our family — it’s changed our lives – we live so differently now.” 




Corporate office interior refurbishment and décor  — Bryanston, Johannesburg


“The whole office décor and ambiance of the of the space definitely compliments the brand. It is elegant and functional, but not over the top. Every visitor we have had, has been highly positive about every aspect of the layout and décor.” — Managing Director

“The space enhances the way we work — it allows for the facilitation of meetings and interactions, which have had a very positive impact on productivity and on client relationships.” — Project assistant



Family home interior architecture + décor — Hurlingham, Johannesburg


Do you think I understood your and your husbands wants /needs/ desires/ aspirations? And was able to make it a reality?

“I felt that Tanya and I were definitely on the same page around what looks good! I think she has an amazing ability to think creatively — she definitely saw things that I would never have dreamed of! She has an incredible gift for visualising spaces and making the best of them. I also appreciate her ability to keep things simple and uncluttered. My husband wasn't so convinced about our choice of neutral palette with splashes of colour initially — but he loved the end result!“

Once it was complete — what did you feel when you saw your home? What was your family members response?     

“We were so amazed at how everything came together! Tanya ordered us out of the house so that she could do her thing without interference (great idea :-) When we arrived back that evening to our surprise with all the furniture unpacked, and our few decorative items creatively placed along with a candlelit atmosphere, we were overwhelmed. This was home! And Tanya had put her heart and soul into making it something special for us. A while back we had decided to call our home 'Salem' and that's exactly how it feels - a place of rest and peace”



Family home architecture + décor — Fourways, Johannesburg


 Q. If you had to build a home/ do interior again, what would you do differently?

  “I would use an interior designer from the outset.”