Empathy is the basis of all great design

Salt and Light is an interior architecture and design studio that specializes in creating beautifully crafted and personalized spaces through empathic design.  

We intuitively understand and illuminate the emotional relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit. This means we seek to know and understand who you are as an individual or company, and how to integrate your unique story, emotional and physical needs and wants, into a spatial reality.  

We create a visual story that is holistic and authentic to each client- from the overall architectural vision down to the fine sensory details. We design beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces are that are timeless, with contemporary clean lines, classic proportions and attention to detail. We pair local and international design styles with comfortable luxury, layering natural and honest materials, hand crafted furniture, beautiful fabrics and artwork with previously loved goods.

No two spaces are the same.

Over the years, this personalized service has grown from strength to strength, through word of mouth and repeat clients. Our projects have varied from local small-scale offices to high-end residential homes, in Johannesburg, luxury apartments in Cape Town, expanding to international projects — a restaurant in China and church interior in Netherlands.